1982 Alan Gibson
1985 Michael Melford
1983-1984 Tony Lewis
1986-2004 John Woodcock
2004-2008 Derek Hodgson
2008-2010 Robin Marlar
2011-2013 Christopher Martin-Jenkins
2013-2018 David Warner
2018- Mike Selvey
1948-1949 Jim Swanton
1950 Jim Kilburn
1951 Alec Ledbrooke
1952 Bruce Harris
1953 Charles Bray
1954 Neville Cardus
1955 Norman Preston
1956 John Bapty
1957 Brian Johnston
1958 John Kay
1959 R.C. "Crusoe" Robertson-Glasgow
1960 Alex Bannister
1961 Bill Bowes
1962 Michael Melford
1963 Crawford White
1964 Brian Chapman
1965 Basil Easterbrook
1966 John Woodcock
1967 Leslie Smith
1968 Jim Kilburn
1969 John Solan
1970-1971 Peter West
1972 John Arlott
1973 Ian Peebles
1974 Reg Hayter
1975 Richie Benaud
1976-1977 Roy Ullyett
1978 Denis Compton
1979 Harold Abel
1980-1981 Tony Pawson
1982-1984 Peter Smith
1985-1987 Brian Scovell
1988-1991 Robin Marlar
1991-1993 Christopher Martin-Jenkins
1994-1996 Jack Bannister
1997-1998 Patrick Eagar
1999-2000 Colin Bateman
2001-2002 John Etheridge
2003-2004 Colin Evans
2005-2008 Graham Morris
2008-2014 Pat Gibson
2014-2019 Mark Baldwin
2019- Alison Mitchell
1947-1948 Bruce Harris
1948-1953 Charles Bray
1953-1969 Jim Kilburn
1969-1977 John Kay
1977-1986 Robin Marlar
1986-2004 Derek Hodgson
2004-2007 Brian Scovell
2007-2017 Julian Guyer
2017 Alan Gardner
2018 Vithushan Ehantharajah
2019 Will Macpherson
1947-1958 Alec Ledbrooke
1958-1977 John Kay
1977-1986 Robin Marlar
1986-2017 Wendy Wimbush
2017- Marcus Hook
Life Members
Qamar Ahmed
Mike Beddow
Colin Evans
David Foot
David Frith
Pat Gibson
Robin Marlar
Brian Scovell
Wendy Wimbush
John Woodcock

The Cricket Writers’ Club was established in 1946 and exists to further the interests of all those who work in the media coverage of cricket, and the interests of cricket itself.

The club is a great focal point for the camaraderie around the cricket media with the Annual Lunch in early October. Throughout the year, the club carries out important work liaising with the ECB and the first-class counties around media facilities at grounds, accreditation, and relations between England men’s and women’s players and the media whilst on tour. The club plays an integral role in the County Journalism Awards, promotes writing through its annual Book Award, and supports the players through its highly regarded individual men's and women’s awards, which are presented at the Annual Lunch. The CWC also puts out a social (slash highly competitive) cricket team each year, arranging matches with touring media or teams from ECB/MCC.

Every full member receives the CWC handbook with permitted contact details for members and County/ECB personnel. The club’s constitution was updated last year to include a commitment to promoting equality within the game, including the protection of members from discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation.

We welcome new members from all parts of the cricket media, both from within the British Isles and abroad. At the time of writing (May 2019) the club is supported by William Hill and the Lord’s Taverners, with additional sponsorship opportunities available.

Membership categories include:
Full Member (£50pa) – those working regularly in the cricket media 
Associate Member (£30pa) – those engaged in working in the game
Full Senior Member (£20pa) – those who have retired or are no longer employed in covering the game
Overseas Member – regularly working in the cricket media outside of the British Isles
Umpire or Scorer Member – those involved in the first-class umpiring list or scoring first class counties 
Honorary Member – elected by the Committee
Honorary Life Member – elected at the AGM for distinguished service in the cricket media and to the Club

Membership of the CWC cannot be used in any way by a member to secure accreditation, employment, entry to a ground or media facility.



President: Mike Selvey @selvecricket
Chair: Alison Mitchell
Lead Secretary: Will Macpherson
Assistant Secretaries: Vithushan Ehantharajah
@vitu_E, Alan Gardner @alanroderick, Julian Guyer @stGuyer and Bruce Talbot @brucetalbot1
Treasurer: Marcus Hook
Assistant Treasurer: Wendy Wimbush
Curator & Website: William Powell
Handbook Editor: Gemma Wright


Alison Mitchell (Chair)

Mike Selvey (President)

Will Macpherson (Secretary 2019)

Marcus Hook (Treasurer)

Mark Baldwin

Lawrence Booth

George Dobell

Vithushan Ehantharajah
​Alan Gardner

Pat Gibson
​Richard Gibson

Julian Guyer
​Ali Martin

Andrew Miller

Graham Morris

William Powell
​Bruce Talbot
Dean Wilson



David Fulton (Chairman)

Mark Baldwin
Tom Collomosse


Chair of South: Mark Church (Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex)

Chair of Midlands/West: Jon Culley (Glamorgan, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Somerset, Warwickshire and Worcestershire)

Chair of North: Graham Hardcastle (Derbyshire, Durham, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire)

Consultants: Peter Baxter, Brian Scovell

Regional Panel: Edward Bevan (Glamorgan), Paul Bolton (Warwickshire and Worcestershire), Dave Bracegirdle (Nottinghamshire), Mark Church (Surrey), Matt Coles (Kent), Kevin Hand (Middlesex), Graham Hardcastle (Durham, Lancashire, Yorkshire & Derbyshire), Paul Hiscock (Essex), Richard Latham (Gloucestershire and Somerset), Richard Rae (Leicestershire), Bruce Talbot (Sussex), Simon Walter (Hampshire), Alex Winter (Northamptonshire)

Sustainability: Tanya Aldred, Melinda Farrell

Mark Baldwin (Chair)
Glenn Moore
Shilpa Patel
Ivo Tennant
Simon Walter
Alex Winter

Dominic van den Bergh (Chair)
Mark Baldwin
William Powell
Tom Collomosse

William Powell (Chair)
Marcus Hook
Graham Morris

Tanya Aldred (Chair)
Izzy Westbury (Convenor, Women’s Award Panel)
Jo Harman
Derek Pringle
Lizzy Ammon

Richard Hobson (Chair)
Tanya Aldred
Murray Hedgcock
Raf Nicholson
Richard Whitehead

Simon Wilde (Chair)
George Dobell
John Etheridge
Simon Mann
Alison Mitchell
Dean Wilson