A) Full Membership is open to all those employed full-time for not less than four months in any one calendar year in the media coverage of cricket in the UK.

B) Associate Members may be elected at any time by the Committee from those engaged in writing, reporting, photographing, commentating, broadcasting and writing cricket on a part-time basis in the UK.

At the AGM the Associate Members approved by the Committee during the year may be granted Full Membership by a vote from the Full Members present at the Meeting, bearing in mind the criteria for Full Membership still need to be met. This is the only time Associate Members can be granted Full Membership status.

Having, therefore, established into which category your nominee fits you should proceed as follows:-

1) Assemble details of your nominee, together with the name (and permission) of a seconder.

2) Supply all details likely to be required for the Secretary to contact your nominee, such as address / e-mail address and telephone / mobile numbers.

3) Your nominee MUST provide a typed CV, detailing past work and likely employment.

4) Assemble all the above information and send it, together with a letter detailing your reasons for making the nomination, to the Secretary.

This then gives the Committee proper chapter and verse to enable them to make a fair decision. Your nominee should also be made aware that Associate Membership does not automatically lead to Full Membership, but it may do. You should also make your nominee aware that Full Membership can only be voted on at the AGM and, therefore, they may stay an Associate Member for quite a few months.

You can, of course, nominate anyone using this procedure at any time of the year.

According to the Constitution, the Committee shall have the right to reject a  candidate for any Membership category, or by unanimous vote, remove any person from Membership without giving a reason.