CWC member Mark Eklid has self-published his debut novel, Sunbeam.

Mark says: “It is a sort of thriller, in as much as it has lots of twists and turns and is quite dark at times, but there is more to it than that. I believe it is quite distinct. It’s not about cricket, but I wrote one of my main characters as a former Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Worcestershire all-rounder. I couldn’t resist!

“Sunbeam is available through
Amazon as a paperback and ebook (outstanding value at £7.99 or £1.99 and a really good Christmas gift for all the family!); but I know some people have an aversion to Amazon, so if anyone feels intrigued enough to want a paperback and doesn’t want to go through them, then they can email me at and I’m sure we can make alternative arrangements.”

November 11, 2019