Greetings Members,

As movement is necessarily more restricted in the UK, it’s even more important to keep in touch with each other. Look in the handbook even, check in on an older member who you haven’t spoken to for a while. Here, or abroad.

Re the ongoing matter of support for the self-employed in the UK, please keep an eye on the daily government briefings. We’re aware a proposed amendment to the Coronavirus bill is doing the rounds on social media, which mentions the self-employed, but it is just that as things stand. In the meantime… 

Sports Freelancer Collective

If you’re not getting the SFC emails directly from the SJA, please email and ask to be added to the list. We’ll stop replicating the info on our emails soon.

There is a new Facebook group specifically set up for the Sport Freelancer Collective:

The last SFC email confirmed that as well as pushing the government to assist the self-employed in the ways outlined in our letter, the Collective is working on setting up its own emergency fund for those who need it most.

It may be possible to find additional support via  The Journalists' Charity and The Authors Guild 
The British Association of Journalists offers hardship grants to members

Sports psychotherapist Gary Bloom has offered the SFC his advice & assistance on how to cope and be agile as a freelancer. 

More Info

Around 15% of the UK workforce are self employed, so we are not alone. The SFC is making sure the circumstances of the sports media are being heard.

- IPSE have created a petition calling for a Temporary Income Protection Fund to support freelancers with income loss due to coronavirus.
- The Trades Union Congress (TUC) are calling on the govt to guarantee incomes for self-employed people, extending the protection that applies to employees 
- The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) together with the Federation of Entertainment Unions is calling for an income guarantee to protect self-employed workers in the arts and media
- A number of MPs are pushing for a Universal Basic Income
- The Creative Industries Federation are specifically pushing for a capped 80% income replacement based on average of last 3 years of earnings.

Lord’s Taverners @LordsTaverners 

The Tavs are a major sponsor and supporter of CWC and we all want to help each other. Please check their twitter feed and RT how they’re trying to reach out and stay connected with the children they work with. As the country’s leading youth cricket and disability charity, they are challenged in being unable to deliver programmes on the ground, but are setting challenges online, which young people can do in the home, no matter what their level of ability. Search the Tav’s handle or #Super1sChallenge to share.

Membership & Subs

If you know anyone who isn’t a member and would like to be, do point them in Will’s direction ( If anyone has any questions about subs, which are due on 1st April, contact our Treasurer Marcus (

Stay well, and thinking of those both here and overseas who are dealing with symptoms at the moment.

Alison Mitchell, CWC Chair
24th March 2020