The CWC committee met this week via Zoom for a wide-ranging and productive biannual meeting. As a result we have some updates for you.

1) AGM. The success of the committee meeting has confirmed our view that we should attempt to hold an AGM on the afternoon of April 29. Obviously this will also be via Zoom. 

We are keen for this event to be available to all members, so if anyone has not used Zoom before, or is just getting to grips with this strange new world we are all living in, please get in touch and hopefully we can help you set up on your computer, tablet, or mobile. We will also do a 15-minute trial call for those who are a little uncertain in the days leading up to the AGM. 

2) ACCREDITATION. We have spoken to the ECB about the state of this summer's accreditation application with the season in limbo. Alex Melville, of the accreditation team, reports that Covid-19 escalated just before they reached the stage of printing and distributing passes, so that process was halted, as well as communication regarding successful or unsuccessful applications. That process will resume if and when a confirmed schedule for the 2020 season appears, and a new plan is formed. So if you have not heard from the ECB - fear not. 

3) COUNTY FURLOUGHS. As you will have heard, many counties are putting staff and players on furlough. While on furlough, they are not allowed to do any work for their county which, in the case of players and coaches, would theoretically include media commitments. It is our understanding however, that furloughed players are allowed to give interviews or other media activities off their own back, or through sponsors etc. Some Counties though, are advising players not to do any media at all. We are trying to establish some guidance on this with the PCA. In the meantime, PCA Comms Manager Luke Reynolds ( has offered his assistance is making contact with furloughed players for media requests, as you cannot go through their club. 

We are also chasing the ECB to find out which counties have their media staff on furlough and, therefore, who the point of contact is at each county for media requests relating to club business (but not necessarily player business). 

I think that concludes the heftier official business, but a couple of other bits remain.

- Our friends at the Lord's Taverners are running a quarantine quiz, which you can get involved in for a minimum donation of £2 and can play with family at home or friends online. Check it out here:

- Member Gavin Scovell is offering a 20% discount to CWC members for his and Mark Pougatch's training courses for work in TV, which they are currently holding via Zoom. For more information, please contact Gavin at:

- David Frith has been in touch with another good way to while away the hours in lockdown - these Andy Collier videos with David about his cricket collection (scroll down).

As ever, please get in touch with the Ali or Will (or via if you have any issues around the current climate that the club might be able to help with. A reminder of existing help and resources:

Paul Lewis of the BBC’s Money Box unpicks the support for the Self Employed:
Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed
National Union of Journalists

Hardship funds and emergency grants may be accessible via:
The Journalists Charity
The Authors Guild

The British Association of Journalists
National Union of Journalists:
Society of Authors:

Sports Freelancers Collective
To join the Sport Freelancer Collective (free) please email:
Members can access pro bono employment law, accountancy, and mortgage advice, as well as mental health advice with sports psychotherapist Gary Bloom via
@bloomers57 or emailing  

Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a great Easter. 

Will Macpherson, CWC Lead Secretary
9th April 2020