NV Play is a global cricket technology platform and is proud to be sponsor of CWC's prestigious Young Cricketer of the Year award.

NV Play is the culmination of over fifteen years’ experience delivering industry defining technology solutions to the elite level of the game.

Today, our platform provides an industry defining cloud-connected cricket scoring, analytics and high performance solution, designed to grow the professional & recreational game. It is built from the ground up to embrace Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, including automation, predictive analysis and rich insights for coaching and player development.

We work closely with national cricket bodies, counties, states, clubs and teams to deliver an unprecedented level of technology to all tiers of the game.

This is done through providing wrap around platforms and services across all the key pillars of the International, elite and professional game, including:

Professional & recreational scoring
High performance & video analysis
Live streaming and broadcast
Predictive analysis & insights
Performance & player contribution analysis
Scoreboard & replay screen integration
Advanced reporting & data analytics
Fan engagement & participation
At-ground activations & experiences

The CWC NV Play Young Cricketer of the Year award, which is voted for by CWC’s 450-strong membership, aligns perfectly with NV Play’s long held vision of driving performance and talent identification through data analysis.

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