For the first time in seven decades, a coalition has been formed between the Sports Journalists' Association, The Football Writers’ Association, The Cricket Writers’ Club, The Rugby Union Writers' Association, The Lawn Tennis Writers' Association, British Athletics Writers' Association, The Black Collective of Media in Sport, Sports Media LGBT and the Basketball Journalists’ Association.

We have joined forces to protect the thousands of freelancers in the UK who have been locked out of the industry due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The coalition has formed quickly following the mass cancellation of sporting events around the world, and welcomes all sports media organisations to join us. 

Today we’ve called on the government to help our members whose industry has been entirely shut down. Specifically we have demanded that

1. Boris Johnson follows the lead of Germany and Canada and provides compensation or a base salary for freelance workers.

2. HMRC defers its date to collect payments on account, currently due on the 31st of July 2020, until December 2020 as a minimum, and to review this at a later stage.

3. The IR35 policy be abolished.

4. Our members who fall ill during this pandemic be included in statutory sick pay for the time of their illness.

5. The shortfall of support for the majority in the private rental sector be supported, by organising the deferment of rental payments until all supporters and workers are allowed back into fully open sporting stadia.

Separately, the Coalition has launched a webpage through the SJA, under the title “The Sports Freelancer Collective” pulling together information and advice relevant to the sports media. We are advising CWC members to check it regularly.

We will continue to communicate with CWC members via our internal channels as usual.

Keep healthy, and keep talking to each other.

Alison Mitchell, CWC Chair
18th March 2020


The NUJ are requesting members to send in details of their situation as they join the cause for the self-employed.

A online petition has also been set up, urging government to trial a Universal Basic Income. All info and links below, on the Sports Freelancer Collective page: